Targeted Allele Mining

Traditional plant breeding is based on naturally occurring mutations in the genetic makeup of a crop. While being the ultimate “fuel” of breeding progress, such mutations are very infrequent events and finding them, or their effects on the plant, usually involves massive and costly phenotypic screening.

At CropTailor, we have developed an in-house mutant population in oats. Speeding up the natural process we have created billions of small mutations in the oat genome. Some of these mutations will have a positive effect on traits that are important for consumers, farmers, the oat industry, or the planet, for example an increased level of dietary fibers, or more efficient soil nutrient uptake.

Utilizing our mutant population and our Targeted Allele Mining pipeline, we can identify specific mutations in practically any gene of interest and subsequently confirm its effect on the phenotype - this means that we can deliver virtually any trait of interest. Whether you are looking for a specific trait or a unique ready-for-market variety, we can provide a tailor-made solution. Mutations can be delivered to customers directly as a gene source for breeding, or incorporated into your elite oat variety of choice. Contact us to learn more!

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