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2022-08-10: Harvest

We have now concluded the harvest of our field trails 2022 and are exited to analyse all our material and see how our lines have performed during this years conditions.

2022-06-18: New article published in Nature describing the oat genome

We are proud to announce that CropTailor, together with researchers from ScanOats at Lund University, has mapped and characterized the entire oat genome. The academic side of this work culminated in the 2022 Nature article ‘The mosaic oat genome gives insights into a uniquely healthy cereal crop’ (Kamal et al., 2022). You can read the press release from Lantmännen here (Swedish), from ScanOats here (Swedish), and a news article in Food Ingredients First here (English). You can access the Nature paper here (open access). You can also read more about the reference genome at our webpage The Sequenced Oat Genome.