The oat mutagenized population

CropTailors owns a world unique mutagenized oat population, derived from the Lantmännen variety Belinda. The population was developed by chemical modification (EMS) of oat seeds. Each seed was planted out and ca 2800 mutagenized lines were raised (CT-lines). Molecular analyses showed that ca 1 million unique point mutations (SNPs) were introduced into each line, i.e ca 3 billion mutations in the whole population (Chawade et al, 2010). This is enough to mutate every single gene in the genome several times. Thus, the variation in the population is very high.

CropTailor has repeatedly proven the great potential of this population by identifying individual CT lines high in seed protein, betaglukan, lipid, avenanthramide, low in seed coat lignin, tolerant to Fusarium etc. (Sikora et al, 2011; Sikora et al, 2013; Vivekanand et al, 2014, Sunilkumar et al, 2017, unpublished data).

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