The Belinda genome sequence

An access to the entire Belinda sequence facilitates studies on oat gene structure, gene discovery and gene function, promoter analysis and allows for an elucidating of possible roles of micro RNAs in gene regulation.

Access to the Belinda genome greatly simplifies whole genome sequencing of interesting CT lines and opens up for a mapping of all the introduced EMS mutations in the Belinda genome. This, in combination with complementary gene mapping- and expression analysis methods, makes it possible to pin point the specific mutation giving rise to the modified trait in a selected super line.

Recently we sequenced the entire Belinda genome at a 270 times redundancy (all together 20 billion fragments, 2,7 trillion base pairs) by shot gun sequencing and in collaboration with ScanOats a high-quality assembly of the genome was made using NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC software. The N50 value is at present 17,7 million base pairs (bp) and the N90 is 2.8 million bp (Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, USA, Jan 2018; unpublished data).

These scaffolds are now in the process of being put together to psudochromosomes in collaboration with IPK at Gatersleben


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